What happens at the Low Vision Clinic?

We are often asked how a low vision assessment differs from a routine assessment provided by a traditional optometrist. 

During this specialized optometric exam, Dr. Juricic spends approximately 75 minutes with a patient where she notates an in-depth eye history, completes a comprehensive examination of the eyes, determines the best refractive correction in the form of glasses and determines which vision devices could assist with:

  • Glare control
  • Near viewing tasks
  • Distance viewing tasks

Upon exam completion, Dr. Juricic will review the findings and determine the best recommendations for her patient that would address their specific vision goals and, help maximize their vision beyond what is often obtained through traditional eyeglasses alone.  

During the assessment, Dr. Juricic will be able to determine if her patient meets vision requirements to apply for the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) to help fund various vision aids based on the program.  ADP is funded through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and provides consumer centered support and funding to Ontario residents who have long-term physical disabilities and provides access to personalized assistive devices appropriate for the individual’s basic needs. Dr. Juricic is one of the few Low Vision specialitsts in the GTA that does such applications for patients.

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