Are you frustrated with not being able to see to read?
Have you been told "nothing more can be done" to help your vision?
Would you love to see faces, TV and live performances once again?
Know that HELP IS AVAILABLE. You have come to the right place to find out what vision solutions may be available for you or a loved one.

See what our patients have been saying!

Michele C. (September 2018) - To the Vision Care Staff of Low Vision Clinic and Dr. Juricic, I would like to thank you for all that you do. As a patient of Dr. Juricic for the last couple of years, I so enjoy my visits with her. Her patient, empathic nature and always smiling face, make the visits very enjoyable. She is a true professional in her field. Thank you for taking me on as a patient. 

Mary F. (August, 2018) - I have seen many doctors and specialists as I am an elderly woman living with vision loss. They had all reassured me that nothing could be done to improve my eyesight and left me feeling hopeless. Their comments were hurtful and dismissive, and I didn’t know where to turn. Fortunately I was reluctantly passed along by a specialist to the VRM Specialists in Toronto where I met Dr. Juricic for a low vision exam. My first introduction to Dr. Juricic was like a breath of fresh air! She has such a welcoming presence and a reassuring smile that put me at ease. I knew instantly I had found the right doctor that would listen and try to help me. She is patient and took time to explain her tests and the many visual aids that can help me see better. Do not hesitate to contact her and make an appointment. You will be well taken care of.

Nadia D. (July, 2018) - I had always felt puzzled where I could turn to for a proper prescription for my eye condition until I met Dr. Juricic at a recent Caregiver Convention. She delivered an engaging lecture and I was very surprised there was a doctor that offered Low Vision services. I was completely oblivious to the many resources that are available to help people living with vision loss as they hadn’t been explained by my previous Healthcare providers. I am so pleased that I now have this connection. I felt confident in Dr. Juricic’s ability to meet my needs and was pleased with the service and the products. Dr. Juricic is a wealth of knowledge has many resources to offer which she has connected me with following my appointment. In particular, her connection to the Ontario Assistive Devices Program, which I was not aware of before, tremendously helped with offsetting the expense of costly lenses required for my condition. Dr. Juricic takes her time to explain every detail of her exam and never once did I feel rushed. If you have any sort of eye issue know that you are in the best hands.

Fari Teymourtash (March, 2018) - Dr Juricic worked very hard to improve my reading ability. For the first time in years, I am now able to read magazines using new glasses she prescribed for me and without having to use magnifying glass. I had tried two other doctors over the last four years whom could not help me. Dr Juricic is very thorough and she is determined to find the best solution for her patients. I am very grateful for her help

Janice Stoveld (February, 2018) - Dr. Juricic is a dedicated, passionate Low Vision Optometrist who obviously likes to help people. Her practice is individualized such that she works with each patient to assist them in achieving a certain goal -- the reason for seeing her. For some people it is to help them to be able to read again. I wanted to both read and start knitting again. Dr. Juricic, with her low vision specialty and related expertise, was able to pinpoint with much greater precision than any other practitioner I have been examined by, what is required to improve my vision as much as possible. She spent a lot of time fine tuning her examination to the point that with the correction she recommended, I will be able to see better than I have been able to see in years. In addition to being a first class optometry professional, she is well connected to the Low Vision Community to the point that she has comprehensive information on very helpful Community Resources and Links. As well, she is up to date on the variety of technology and low vision devices to assist the low vision individual to more easily function in their day to day life. I would highly recommend that anyone with Low Vision make an appointment to see Dr. Juricic.

Justin Chan (December, 2016) - Dr. Juricic has an amazing passion to help those suffering from poor vision and blindness. If you have been told in the past that "there is nothing more that can be done" then you need to visit Dr. Juricic as she can help you find the hope you are looking for.


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